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New Car FAQs

Here at Milcars Mazda Watford, we want to make your car buying experience as straightforward as possible. That's why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions around the subject of buying new cars. Find out what the advantages of buying new cars are, why you should buy a Mazda, and what Milcars Mazda can offer you as a dealership.

For more information, submit an enquiry online or get in touch with our team at our Mazda dealership in Watford, Hertfordshire today. We'll be happy to help you along your car buying journey!

When will the new Mazda MX-5 be released?

The Mazda MX-5 is widely renowned for being the world’s best-selling sports roadster. That latest model - the MX-5 Miara - is expected to go into production in December 2019, with purchase available in 2020. For the time being, you can discover more about the MX-5 and MX-5 RF editions currently available from Milcars Mazda.

What new car should I buy?

Choosing the right new car depends very much on your own particular requirements. For example, budget, space required, engine preference, and necessary features will all dictate which models are and aren’t suitable. With the Mazda lineup, we’re confident that there is almost certainly something to suit you.

What are the best new car deals?

The latest new car special offers from Milcars Mazda can be found online today. With deposit contributions, reduced prices, and improved rates of finance, the new car deals always enable you to save.

Is a new car more expensive to insure?

One of the major factors in relation to insurance costs is the value of your vehicle. As such, newer models may well be more expensive as the policy has to cover the elevated cost of the model. It pays to always shop around when investing in vehicle insurance, with many insurance supermarkets providing you with a selection of quotes to choose from.

Can I return my new car?

Should you change your mind over any new vehicle, you may well be able to return should you still be within the ‘cooling off’ period. Speak to a member of the team at Milcars Mazda today to learn more.

Is it worth buying a new car?

Absolutely. Particularly if you’re in search of the most efficient and economical engines, the latest technology, and the best in automotive safety. Of course, there will always be some price depreciation, but the value in purchasing via finance means you should not lose too much when you reach the end of any agreement.

Is it worth buying a new car on finance?

We believe that buying on finance represents better value that purchasing outright. This is due to you being able to determine the anticipated cost of the model at the end of any agreement. Lower monthly repayments - and with 0% APR deals often available - means you do not need to stump up the full cost in one go, thereby improving affordability substantially. Plus, you can always return the model at the end of an agreed period to lower the cost further.