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Servicing FAQ

Regular servicing is an important factor in owning a vehicle. Whether you own a newly bought model, or a car with one or more previous owners, keeping your vehicle healthy can lengthen it's lifespan and give you less unforeseen repair costs in the future. Servicing can be a tricky subject though, and people can often ask questions about cost, how often a car should be serviced, and just how important regular servicing is.

Take a look at our servicing FAQ section for more information and answers to important questions. Get in touch with our team at Milcars Mazda in Watford today for more information about Mazda servicing.

Are Mazda cars reliable?

Mazda cars are considered to be very reliable, featuring among the top ten automotive brands for reliability in several consumer surveys.

Are Mazda cars expensive to repair?

Mazda vehicles are, on the whole, cost-effective to run and repair. Replacement parts tend to be widely available, meaning they’re easy to source and inexpensive. Contact us today for details about repair and maintenance costs.

How can I check the service history for my Mazda vehicle?

Each Mazda registered since July 2006 has a digital service record stored on a secure online database. This can be checked by our staff at Milcars Mazda.

Why should I service my Mazda vehicle?

Servicing your Mazda helps to ensure it performs at its best, remains efficient and doesn’t develop any serious faults. It also helps to preserve the car’s resale value, should you decide to sell.

How often should I get my Mazda serviced?

Mazda recommends a service interval of one year or 12,500 miles for most of its models – whichever comes first. Check your owner’s manual for more specific guidelines, or contact our aftersales department.

What are the benefits of using Genuine Mazda parts?

Choosing genuine parts means the safety, reliability and longevity of both the part itself and your Mazda are preserved. The parts are covered by a warranty for your peace of mind.

How important is it to service your Mazda regularly?

Regular servicing is key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. This is to ensure continued efficiency and to help issues to be spotted and fixed before they become a major concern.

Which are the most commonly replaced Mazda car parts?

Items that typically suffer the most wear and tear on your Mazda include external lights, brake pads, tyres and spark plugs. Other components – such as the battery and timing belt – may need replacing depending on your car’s age and mileage.