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With LED Lighting Packs available across the Mazda range, you can enjoy an interior ambiance that’s completely in harmony with the refined and graceful interior of your Mazda. Each package has been designed to complement the different Mazda models by combining the best LED lighting units available for your Mazda^.

LED Boot Lighting Upgrade
Interior LED Lighting Upgrade
LED Welcome Illumination
CX-3 Illuminated Scuff Plate
Mazda2 Illuminated Scuff Plate

Mazda2 Interior LED Pack £385 (inc. VAT and fitting)*

Integrated LED Welcome Illuminations in the front foot-wells plus an LED upgrade for all interior lighting features (including boot lighting) means a lighter, brighter interior. This is paired with Illuminated front Scuff Plates for the driver and passenger side that mould to the sill of the vehicle. The Mazda2 branding on the Scuff Plates lights-up in sync with the Interior LED lighting upon door opening for a sporty and elegant look.​

Mazda3 Interior LED Pack £265 (inc. VAT and fitting)*

Integrated LED lighting brings a lighter and brighter atmosphere to the interior of your Mazda3. Welcome Illuminations fit seamlessly into the foot-wells of your Mazda, lighting up in sync with your interior lighting when the door is open. Plus as part of the package this interior lighting, along with boot lighting, is upgraded to the premium LED kit; further enhancing the Welcome Illuminations for a sporty and refined look.

Mazda6 Interior LED Pack £500 (inc. VAT and fitting)*

Integrated LED lighting is a great way to enhance the interior ambience of your Mazda; our Welcome Illuminations fit seamlessly into the front foot-wells of your Mazda, while the interior LED lighting upgrade replaces the standard cabin and boot lighting. Open the door and these LEDs illuminate in sync with a matching pair of Illuminating Mazda6 branded Scuff Plates, fitted just inside the driver and front-passenger doors with red lighting for a sporty, athletic feel.

Mazda CX-3 Interior LED Pack £310 (inc. VAT and fitting)

Integrated LED lighting can enhance the interior of your Mazda CX-3, with LED lighting upgrades replacing the overhead cabin lights and additional LED lighting units shining down on the front foot-wells of your vehicle (Welcome Illumination set) this lighting package is aimed at enhancing the interior ambience of your Mazda. You’ll also benefit from a pair of Mazda CX-3 Illuminated Scuff Plates, fitted to the front door sills of the vehicle these accessories illuminate upon door opening.

Mazda6 Illuminated Scuff Plate
Interior LED Lighting MX-5
LED Mazda logo Puddle Light
CX-5 Illuminated Scuff Plate

All-new Mazda CX-5 Interior LED Pack £550 (inc. VAT and fitting)*

Upgrade the elegant interior of your all-new Mazda CX-5 with an interior LED upgrade, replacing the overhead cabin lighting with energy saving LED units. This package also includes Welcome Illuminations which illuminate the front foot-wells of the vehicle and illuminated Mazda CX-5 branded Scuff Plates which fitted to the front door-opening sills. Plus you’ll enjoy a LED Mazda logo Puddle light, which projects the Mazda logo onto the floor alongside the open door for a brighter, more dynamic look. ​

Mazda MX-5 Interior LED Pack £165 (inc. VAT and fitting)*

Find an in-cabin ambience that’s in line with the exhilarating driving dynamics of this iconic roadster when you upgrade to the LED interior lighting package. Not only will both your boot and overhead lighting units be upgraded to hold more energy efficient LED bulbs, but additional lighting units will be integrated into the front foot-wells of your vehicle – providing stylish Welcome Illuminations that add a touch of extra style to your beautiful sports car.

*Subject to availability at participating dealers only. Pack includes only the items stated; any other accessory items shown must be purchased separately. Floor Mats not included. ^Specification, price and Accessory line-up differs across the Mazda range.